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Dog Sponsors

Help celebrate the heritage of the working sheepdog as a partner of the North American farmer and rancher by supporting the 2017 National Sheepdog Finals. with a Handler/dog sponsorship.  We could not manage this event without your contribution!

The cost to sponsor a handler/dog team is $100, and there can be unlimited sponsorships for each team. A group can also sponsor a team (example, four people each contributing $25 can sponsor a team). If you don’t know a team to sponsor, we’ll choose one for you! Please fill out a separate form for each team that you wish to sponsor.

Sponsors will be listed in our official event program and will be mentioned each time their team competes. Sponsors will receive an event pass, a sponsor button, and their choice of a 2017 Finals cap or t-shirt as “thank you” items.

We will also be placing handler/dog sponsors’ names in a drawing to be held each day of the Finals and the one chosen each day will get their choice of either a 2017 Finals Poster done by Peggy Wilkinson or a set of notecards.

If you are sponsoring as a group please indicate who would get the “thank you” items and poster/notecards.

Questions? Please email Sue Rayburn at

The Finals will operate as a 501(c)(3) and will benefit the ABCA’s Health and Education Foundation. The HEF’s mission is to support research into Border Collie genetics, diseases, disease prevention, and treatment; and to disseminate educational information regarding Border Collies, including their use and value as working stock dogs, and their genetics, diseases, and proper breeding. Your support, in excess of any material return to you (passes and cap or t-shirt, etc.) may be tax deductible.

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We are an army of volunteers.  If you would like to join us please contact the relevant person. 

Sandy Payne
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Chair Nursery & Open Fields / USBCHA Liason
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Assistant Field Coordinator
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Site Coordinator
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Nancy Patriarco
Marianne Walters
Sheep and Pens
Annie Palmer & John Palmer
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Sandy Payne
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Scribes-Open Field
Martha Walke
Scribes-Nursery Field
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Nursery Field Announcers
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Handlers' Dinner
Sandy Payne, Deb Mickey, Susan Rhoades
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Sally Glei, Sylvia King
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Heather Nadelman
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