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In late September 2017 the finest sheepdogs and handlers from across the USA and Canada will come together in Middletown Virginia to compete for the title of National Champion.

The United States Border Collie Handlers' Association (USBCHA) National Sheepdog Finals is held to crown the best working sheepdog and handler team in the USA and Canada. The dogs and handlers you will see come from farms and ranches far and wide. They have earned the right to step on the Finals field through their successes at local sheepdog trials through the year. Managing livestock is an art, and watching a gifted dog usher sheep through a trial course, hearing the handler communicate with their canine partner using both voice and whistle, and sensing the silent communication between them that comes from untold hours working together can take your breath away. We invite you to come see this partnership at its highest level, with dogs moving the stock where the handler wishes, directed by whistles from afar. The skill of these teams brings elegance to the practical work of farming. 

The Dogs

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Working sheepdogs embody the working partnership between dogs and man. For centuries dogs have been used by farmers to manage livestock. Bold, willing, and fleet of foot, a good working sheepdog brings a remarkable ability to "read" the stock to the field. Coupled with their willingness to closely partner with the farmer these dogs make managing livestock look easy. Though most dogs in contemporary times have been chosen for their suitability as home companions, there are still many working sheepdogs on farms and ranches around the world. Working Border Collies are selected and bred for their ability to help the farmer manage livestock as efficiently as possible, moving the animals smoothly from one place to another as needed on the farm.

The National Sheepdog Finals will showcase the best working sheepdog and handler teams in the USA and Canada. The dogs and handlers you will see come from farms and ranches far and wide.

What you see on the field is the result of many hours of training and many generations of breeding. These dogs need far more than an interest in herding the kids or the cats. They must have a determination to work long hours even when the going gets rough. They must be willing to partner, allowing the handler to override their instinct. They must have tremendous instinct and ability to read the stock and know how to handle that particular group of animals to control them. You will see a good dog soften his approach for frightened lambs, and come on strong for some grouchy old ewes. A good dog will hold its distance with sheep prone to fleeing, always ready to cover an attempt by the stock to run off. A good dog is thinking one step ahead of the handler and two steps ahead of the stock.

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Live Streaming

Thanks to some generous sponsors and hard work of volunteers there will be live streaming of the semi final and final rounds of the 2017 USBCHA National Sheepdog Finals.  Details coming soon.